Arlene Mazerolle


First of all, I can make this guarantee because I sell 72% faster than the average Toronto Realtor. More importantly, my selling price for houses is 7% higher than the average for Toronto Realtors. This can translate into $70,000 more in your pocket for a $1,000,000 home.

My condos sell for 8.9% higher than the average for Toronto Realtors. The average condo price is $555,000 - that translates into almost $50,000 in your bank account. My expertise is demonstrated by being top 3% in condo sales in the GTA for 2017.

Back to my guarantee: I guarantee to sell your house/condo in 8 days. If it doesn't sell in that time frame, I'll give you $4,000. My conditions are essentially allowing my team to provide Free Elite Staging and Professional Photography and to agree on the market value of your property (I will provide all comparables for your home that sold in the last 6 months). What could be better than that?

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*REality by IMS compiled from Toronto TREB Stats Jan '17 to Oct '17.