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Doing the most. Getting the most. All for your home.

My motto stands for both sellers and buyers. I am devoted to a personal, committed relationship with my clients evidenced by my repeat business and ongoing referrals. My goal is to surpass your expectations.

In Toronto's competitive housing market, you need an edge to guarantee success. To that end, my team at RE/MAX Condos Plus Corp. provide you with a well co-ordinated effort. My team includes a contract administrator, a marketing expert, a home stager/designer, a team of professional painters and contractors, top notch lawyers, mortgage brokers,... whatever you need, is at hand.

Selling Your House or Condo with Complimentary Elite Staging


Bringing the highest price possible for your House or Condo requires strategic planning:

1) As a Sellers Representative Specialist, I understand that a neighbourhood specific, Current Market Analysis is crucial to pricing your House or Condo to sell, and sell quickly.

2) I encourage you to have a Pre-Listing Home Inspection. This enables you to address any repairs, replacements or updates. I have found that addressing issues before selling pays of financially and brings a much quicker sale. 

3)  In preparing your House or Condo for the marketplace, I will also assess your property and recommend any upgrades or painting needed, based on my experience with Buyer's expectations for your price point and neighbourhood.

4)  My Complimentary Elite Home Staging will set the stage for professional photos and a 3D video tour of your home. We want buyers to appreciate the highlights of your home! A 3D video is essential during this time of Covid restrictions as it allows a more detailed viewing of your property.

5) Marketing through multiple websites, including globally, social media platforms, a youtube presence and a dedicated interactive website for your home will ensure buyers looking online are directed to your property. My expertise with language will help create a description of your property that will target specific buyers; buyers who are interested in your neighbourhood and your style of house or condo. This specific marketing prevents unnecessary showings for your property and can attract people who absolutely must have your House or Condo. This kind of emotional connection to a property can create a very satisfying sold price. 

A highlight is being with the largest and most successful Real Estate brand in the world. RE/MAX has an unmatched Global reach of over 100 countries. Unlike other companies, you are placed at an advantageous position; providing you with more exposure than any other real estate brand.  This is so essential, what with all the current interest in Canada. We are now one of the top five countries to live in!


When it comes time to accept offers on your property, it is vital to have an expert on your side, ensuring you get the most for your home. Price is not the only factor in successful negotiations, but also terms. For instance, achieving your desired closing date can be a big money-saver.

Offer presentations can be a stressful part of the home-selling process. Sit back and let me take care of the drama! As a Master Certified Negotiation Expert, you're in good hands. Negotiating is a skill I enjoy and excel at. My selling price is 8% higher than the average Toronto Realtor.

Buying Your House or Condo


I am committed to you and your goals. I will listen intently to your "must haves" and your dreams. This is where my highly-tuned intuition and listening skills come in; helping to truly understand your vision of Home. Your vision may include a specific Toronto neighbourhood. My experience with buying and selling across this wonderful city will help guide you to a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Before the search for your dream home begins, a visit to your bank or mortgage broker is the first step. They will ensure you are armed with the knowledge of how much you can afford for a purchase price. I recommend seeing both your bank and a mortgage broker so you will be confident in that purchase price. Human error can occur, even with mortgages being so automated now. My experience shows that a second opinion is crucial.


RE/MAX is the largest and most successful real estate franchise in Toronto. You will find that because of their success, you may have access to Houses or Condos before they are launched on the MLS and reach the general public. This is a plus in this city, where multiple offers are commonplace. I can help avoid these.


My training as a Master Certified Negotiation Expert will help you in winning the house and the terms you feel comfortable with. To successfully negotiate you must know the product. With this in mind, my recommendation is to have a professional Home Inspection done before the offer, if the Seller does not provide one, particularly with a Freehold purchase.


When you move in, if desired, you will receive a Complimentary Professional Design Consultation to help you with your furniture layout, colours and design ideas. All to help create the home you dreamed of.

Contact me by filling out the form below. Let's talk about your dreams and make them realty!

“Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson