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Book Your Free House or Condo Virtual Evaluation. Safety Comes First with Covid-19 and Virtual is Best.

I am  committed to offering you the best insight into current market value from the safety of your own home! If you own a house or condo in Toronto and would like an estimate of the value of your property, I'm happy to offer you a free virtual home evaluation!

Update as of May 26, 2020: The best time to sell is sooner than later as Toronto housing prices are now predicted to drop up to 18% in 2021.

What you Need

 A phone or device that you can walk around your home with to give me a tour of your home.

 Make sure your device is fully charged and contains a camera, I'll need to see your property!

How it Works

 Email me at to schedule your virtual home evaluation. You can dictate the time between 1pm and 8 pm.

 I will set up a Video Call and email you back with a link to join an online meeting at your scheduled time.

 At the video call, I'll ask you a few questions about your property and then you can give me a virtual walk-through of your home.

 After some more research on my part, I will email you a complete Market Evaluation of your property within 24 hours.

In the strong markets of the past few years, Buyers and Sellers gravitated to those agents who reduced fees and provided little or no service and their properties still sold. The housing market has changed drastically. With the crisis of Covid-19 you will see a real move to full service agents with the expertise to excel at preparing and pricing your home for sale.

This is not the time to use a discount brokerage like Purple Bricks. The market is currently very volatile. Sellers need top notch Realtors who spend the time to do extensive research and have the expertise to price your property effectively. Skilled pricing is Key to a speedy and successful sale.

There are no longer Open Houses with the mandated social distancing. Buyers are viewing properties through the Internet. Without a strong first impression, they will swipe past your listing, resulting in potential Buyers for your property being lost. I provide the tools for Hi-level prep, proper pricing, professional photography and 3-D videos, vital for online Buyers. The emphasis here is on the importance of a full service agent and a brokerage like RE/MAX Condos Plus Corp. that you can trust. Ask for our pamphlet on safety protocols we have in place for serious Buyers for your home.

At this delicate time, whether you need to sell or buy a house or condo, I promise to provide you with the greatest level of professionalism possible. 

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