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I have bought and sold many homes in this wonderfully diverse city. One of the many things I've learned about Toronto's competitive housing market is - the right price is the fastest route to success. As a Master Certified Negotiation Expert, I understand the fine art of negotiation and can skillfully navigate you to that perfect price. In the right hands, buying and  selling can be a rewarding experience!

As a result of my complimentary elite staging and multi-level marketing, I sell 72% faster and for 7% more than the average for Toronto Realtors.*  When you sell with me, that could translate into an extra $70,000 in your pocket on a $1,000,000 home. See my Services page for details on my Buying and Selling systems.

In the strong markets of the past few years, buyers and sellers gravitated to those agents who reduced fees and provided little or no service and their properties still sold for good prices. The housing market has changed. In 2019 you will see a real move to full service agents with the expertise to excel at pricing and preparing your home for sale.

For example, I recently tried to view a condo that was priced $120,000 over market value. It took two weeks before I had a response to booking a viewing. This property was represented by the new discount brokerage, Purple Bricks. No wonder this property hasn't sold, no one was seeing it and the company did not provide a Realtor who did the research and had the expertise to price effectively. Skilled pricing is Key to a successful and satisfying sale.

Also, remember that Buyers initially view properties through the Internet, but just like Tinder, without a strong first impression, they will swipe past your listing, resulting in potential Buyers for your property being lost. Hi-level prep, proper pricing, great staging, professional photography and videos are vital. The emphasis here is on the importance of a full service agent and brokerage who will provide you with top notch service.

With Toronto's more balanced market, 2019 will be the year when the best agents will outperform the others. With my selling strategies, negotiating skills and track record, you can count on me to outperform.

Whatever your next move, whether to sell or buy a  house or condo, I promise to provide you with the greatest level of professionalism possible. You also will receive exposure across Canada, the United States and internationally in over 100 countries; vital exposure for the many people who desire to live in our great city!

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*Reality by IMS compiled from Toronto TREB Stats Jan '17 to Oct '18